Relocate to Montgomery County, Maryland

with Audrey June-Forshey

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Explore Montgomery County

While moving presents a number of challenges and stressful moments, it's ultimately more than worth it when you open the door to your new home. Moving to an area as lovely and vibrant as Montgomery County is an added bonus. Not only are you close to all the exciting opportunities of our nation's capital, you're a part of a wonderful local community with a peaceful atmosphere, picturesque scenery, and plenty of friendly neighbors.

Consider me your go-to resource for all things Montgomery County. I have local area guides, complimentary home-buying resources, and a unique expertise that allows me to help clients find the home of their dreams. Interested in learning more?

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Make Your Move Easier

I want to make sure your move is as easy and stress-free as possible. Whether you've already found your dream home in Montgomery County, or you're still searching for a home in any of the fantastic communities here, use these complimentary relocation and home-buying tools to make your life a little easier.

Helpful Relocation Tips

Plan Your Move Ahead of Time

At least a month or two in advance, begin planning your move.

  • Stock up on packing materials: boxes, tape, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap
  • Host a yard sale to get rid of any unused items
  • Consider donating additional items to a local charity

As Moving Day Approaches

Carefully pack all of your belongings into boxes and begin organizing.

  • Begin packing one room at a time.
  • Label everything, and mark each box by the room it belongs to. This will make unpacking easier after the move.
  • Pack fragile items like glassware with bubble wrap or winter clothing for extra padding.

While You Move

Keep important information close by.

  • Prepare an "essentials bag." Fill it with a change of clothes, pajamas, important paperwork, medications, and a cell phone charger. Keep it close by.
  • If you are using professional movers, review all moving documents before you sign.
  • Once you arrive to your new home, do a thorough cleaning before you begin to unpack.

Work With an Expert to Find Your Dream Home

Packing up all your stuff and moving across the state, or even the country, is a big deal. That's why you can't work with just anyone when it comes to moving. Count on me, Audrey June-Forshey, to help you navigate the waters of relocation, moving, and home-buying in Montgomery County, Maryland. I have the resources, expertise, and experience to help you make all of your dreams come true. If you ever have any questions about buying a home in Montgomery County, please don't hesitate to contact me.