Timeline for Selling a Home

in Montgomery County

Getting ready to sell your Montgomery County home? There are a few things you should be doing now to get your home market-ready! Here's a timeline of what to expect before, during, and after you list your home—don't forget to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Before Listing Your Home

You might think you're ready to list, but there are actually a few things you need to do before you put your home on the market.

2+ Months Out

Find an experienced local real estate agent

It's crucial to find the right real estate agent to list, market, and sell your home. Be sure to interview a few options and make sure you really get along with who you choose—they'll be your number one resources during all aspects of the sale!

6 – 8 Weeks Out

Make repairs and improvements

Your real estate agent might do a walkthrough of your home and recommend a few improvements and repairs. It's a good idea to listen to their advice—making some changes can actually boost your home's value! If you know of any maintenance issues, you should also take care of those before a buyer or home inspector discovers them later.

4 – 8 Weeks Out

Price it right

Unless you're a seasoned real estate pro, it can be hard to price your home on your own...but that's where a great agent can come in to help! Your agent will use local knowledge and recent sold data to pick the right number. Remember—it's crucial to price low enough to attract buyers and high enough so that you don't miss out on any hard-earned equity!

1 – 4 Weeks Out

Get your home ready

Staging is an integral part of the selling process, and it requires a little effort on your part. First, break out the cleaning supplies and ensure that every inch your home is sparkling clean. After that, you can start decluttering, reorganizing, adding some new paint, moving your furniture around, and getting rid of any personal touches. Don't have time to stage your home to perfection? Consider hiring a professional cleaning, organizing, or staging company!

Listing Your Home

Now that your home is ready for buyers, it's time to list! Here's what you should expect while your home is on the market.

Marketing Your Home

Reach the greatest number of buyers

Marketing your home is no easy task...unless you have a seasoned local agent on your side. The key to selling a home is finding the right buyers, and a good agent will have the tools, the knowledge, and the network that you need to succeed. In today's digital world, it's crucial to take a multifaceted approach to marketing a property. That means your agent should be promoting your home on various social media outlets, their own website, and the MLS. However, they should also generate buzz through print advertising and word of mouth, too.

Showing Your Home

Let buyers take a tour

Most buyers are going to want to take a few tours before they commit to buying your home. To prevent any last-minute stress before showings, consider keeping your space clean, organized, and staged at all times. Don't forget to keep an open schedule, too—you might have to head out at a moment's notice before a tour! The worst thing you can do it be present during a showing. It can actually make buyers feel uncomfortable or pressured.

Dealing with Offers

Negotiate and accept an offer

If a buyer wants to purchase your home, they'll submit a written Purchase and Sale Agreement, commonly known as an offer, to you and your agent. This document details how much they're willing to pay, how much they'll put down for earnest money, when they want to close, and any contingencies. Contingencies are extremely common during a sale, and they can include anything from a home inspection to buyer financing. There are a few steps you can take from here: you can accept their offer, reject it, or submit a counter offer with modified numbers, dates, and contingencies. The buyer may either accept or counter your offer, and negotiations will continue until you reach an agreement.

The Closing Process

You're almost there! Now that you've found a buyer and negotiated an offer, it's time to navigate the closing process.

Home Inspections & Appraisals

Cooperate with the home inspection

Once you and the buyer have agreed on a price and terms, they'll likely ask for a home inspection. During a home inspection, a qualified inspector will come out to your home and make sure everything is in working order. They'll likely spend a lot of time looking at your roof, HVAC system, plumbing, wiring, and foundation. If the inspector discovers any problems, the buyer might request that you make the repairs yourself or that you take some money off of the price. The buyer might also need the home appraised to ensure that its value meets or exceeds the amount of the loan they need.

Waiting in Escrow

Finish up your paperwork and start waiting...

Entering escrow can be a bit of a waiting game. During this period, you and your agent will work with an escrow company to organize paperwork and finances. Your buyer will probably be taking care of the same things and finalizing their loan.

Finally... the Close!

Sign, collect & hand over your keys

On closing day day, you and the buyer, your agents, and your legal teams will begin signing all the paperwork. After everything has been completed, you'll receive a large check, pay off your old mortgage, and handle any other closing costs. Congratulations—you've just sold your Montgomery County home! Now it's time to move on to your next adventure.

Ready to Take Your Next Steps?

If you're thinking of selling your Montgomery County home, I'd love to be your all-in-one real estate resource. Just give me a call to get started today—you can even list your home in just a few clicks!