Staging Tips for Your Montgomery County Home

Are you considering selling your home in the Montgomery County, Maryland area? To sell quickly and maximize your profit, you may want to consider staging your home. Staging doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming—here are some of our best tips to make your home stand out in the crowd!

Begin With Curb Appeal

Make a grand entrance

Go outside and look at your home—and we mean really look at it. Are there any repairs you've been putting off? Are there missing shingles or pieces of siding? What about your lawn? If there's anything that's not quite right, spend some time making your home look great. A short afternoon of pruning plants and making small repairs can really make a difference with buyers.

Invite buyers in

It's important to give buyers a warm welcome inside your home. As you approach your door, ask yourself if there's any dirt or debris in the way. Clear all weather hazards, including snow, ice, and leaves. Make sure to touch up any paint on your front door, and if you're feeling ambitious, give it a whole new coat of paint.

Accentuate your landscaping

Your front lawn is one of the first things buyers see—why not WOW them? Make sure your grass is mowed and free of dead spots. Seasonal, low maintenance plants can spruce up your curb appeal and impress buyers. The more color, the better. 

Clean & Repair

Brush up on maintenance

We all put off some repairs, but if you're considering listing your home, you'll want to take care of any unfinished business so buyers aren't deterred from putting in an offer. If the repairs are small, you may want to do them yourself. For bigger projects, contact a local professional.

Eliminate clutter

Everyone has stuff. Stuff may seem unavoidable, but when you're selling your home, space is your biggest asset. Clutter can make rooms feel cramped and dark, so be sure to reorganize and discard items you don't need or use. You may also want to consider having a garage sale or donating unused items to charity.

Deep clean

Giving your home a good clean can do wonders. It eliminates any lingering odors and makes your home appear well maintained to buyers. Performing a deep clean before listing your home will get rid of any dust and dirt. In addition, cleaning your carpets can make them look and smell newer, which buyers see as a perk.

Decorate and Highlight Your Space

Remove personal touches

Your personal decorations, like family photos and nicknacks, are what make your house a home. However, when it comes to selling your property, you want to make your space as neutral as possible so potential buyers can see themselves in the space. Remove any photos, unnecessary decorations, and consider a natural color palette for your home before you list it.

Let in some light

Buyers adore natural lighting, so you'll definitely want to open your curtains and blinds. Natural light can enhance the appearance of a room and even make it seem bigger, so you can't go wrong with letting the light in. If you have a room that lacks windows, consider adding some lamps or using brighter lightbulbs. 

Add seasonal touches

Selling your home during the spring or summer? Consider displaying fresh-cut flowers to bring the outside in. If there's a holiday around the corner, you might want to add neutral decorations for a fun touch. To make your home smell pleasant, you may try adding a lightly scented candle to bring some freshness to your space.

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you're ready to take the first steps towards selling your home, put your best foot forward and contact Audrey June-Forshey today. Audrey has been in the business for decades and knows how to get your home sold fast and for the best possible price. Need more information? Give us a call and let's chat—we'd love to discuss how to get your house sold in no time!